Selling is the lifeblood of your business and you need to maximize every opportunity. Our phone agents have been trained in the nuances of selling over multiple platforms. They are adept at identifying opportunities, qualifying leads and converting prospects. Use CITADEL as an extension of your sales force … and watch your revenue rise.

Direct Response

If you are running direct response media, CITADEL can support your campaign with experienced agents who have a passion for your product. We support all media channels and can efficiently scale our staffing to match your schedules. Our highly trained agents can increase your return on retention by resolving problems to save customers who might otherwise head to a competitor.

Business Intelligence Report:
Customer Strategies for Direct Response

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CITADEL has been successfully selling products and services over the phone for many years. Being able to close a customer without being face to face requires a great deal of trust-building skill. Our agents are adept at fielding objections and demonstrating the benefits of our clients’ brands. They understand buying signals and how to convert them into a sale. Additionally, our Quality Assurance team stays up to date with FTC regulations to protect you and your customers’ rights.

Pay For Performance

We are confident that our sales agents can perform for you and deliver the results you need. Our team thrives in an environment of shared risk and reward and our pay for performance (PFP) programs provide that opportunity. We can create a program around your specific objectives: leads generated, sales closed or calls transferred. If your business model has a limited upfront budget, use PFP to get a head start on sales.

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