Lead Management

Your customer database is only as useful as the data within it. Are your leads up to date? Are you rewarding your most loyal customers? Do you need more qualified leads? CITADEL’s Lead Management team can help you with data cleansing, lead generation/qualification and loyalty programs.

Appointment Setting

Salespeople spend up to 80% of their time cold-calling prospects who are not interested in what they’re selling. You can quickly increase productivity by focusing on leads that have demonstrated an interest in your product or service. Our experienced appointment setters will provide the prospects that are ripe for closing now. Now you can boost your revenue and morale by letting your sales team do what they do best: close sales and create customers.

Business Intelligence Report:
Sales Cycle Compression

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Lead Qualification

Leads are time-sensitive and it is imperative that a timely follow-up takes place to determine where they are in the buying cycle. If you have leads from web inquiries, trade shows, content downloads, sales referrals or other sources, we can give them the immediate attention they deserve. Your salespeople will be able to close more sales by following up with the most interested prospects first.

Loyalty Programs

Your loyal customers want to know you care about their business. We can make them feel special by giving them access to special promotions or sales, premium items or just to say, “Thanks.” These are the customers who want to buy from you; give them the opportunity with an exclusive offer just for them.

Customer Reminders

Increase your sales with phone call reminders to further develop customer relationships and alert them to new opportunities. Missed appointments mean lost revenue so use reminders to reduce no-shows by up to 80%. In addition to more sales, your staff will be more productive with a full schedule of appointments.

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