Customer Service

As customers have grown more sophisticated, so has customer service. Today, it is imperative to be where your customers are, on whatever channels they choose to be on. Your company needs to deliver a variety of options and our CITADEL Certified™ agents can help.

Customer Care

For today’s consumers, it’s all about engagement. Technology has enabled real-time communication, so they expect you to be listening. They want to give you feedback, ask questions or tell you how much they love your brand. And if they don’t love you, that’s important to know too. CITADEL can help you manage those discussions on multiple platforms. Our experienced agents can support the voice of your brand, giving you valuable insight into your customers’ mindsets.

Third Party Verification

In today’s highly competitive, regulated environment, companies are constantly being challenged by new and revised processes and rules. In addition, consumers are more aware than ever of their options; they expect these rules to be followed and their best interests to be maintained. One way to meet these expectations is through third-party verification (TPV). Verification ensures that the consumer is aware of all aspects of the product or service you are selling and in agreement with the sale. Use TPV to stay proactively compliant and avoid unnecessary fines or complaints.

Help Desk

A frustrated customer can be a lost customer so it’s important to be there when they have a question. We can be there to offer customer support for your products or services. Our agents can provide first-tier tech support, answer frequently asked questions (FAQ), schedule appointments or escalate issues to a technician. Whatever services you need, CITADEL can create a custom program to give your customers the help they need.

Chat Agent

Real-time conversations have become an expectation for many customers on your website. It’s an excellent way to engage with them and lead them closer to a sale. Our agents can manage multiple chat sessions, answering product or billing questions, giving directions or instructions. Use our Chat Agent team to convert more casual lookers into serious buyers.

Voice of the Customer

Your customer has a lot to tell you – if you’ll only ask. Tapping into their experiences and feelings toward your brand can help drive an insightful strategy moving forward. Effective VOC programs can help improve customer loyalty, market knowledge and brand reputation. When integrated with your other VOC tools, a custom survey can provide a comprehensive view of your customer.

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