Some contact centers offer a standard list of generic “one size fits all” reports. But your business objectives are unique to your business and so are your metrics. In addition to standard reports, we offer customized reporting whenever necessary. We believe in measuring what matters most to your customers and your bottom line.

All reports are available in real-time on our secure client portal. You can schedule to receive reports at specific intervals or access it when you need it – the choice is yours.


At the end of the business day, performance and price matter. And CITADEL delivers on both: a 10-15% increase in performance improvement over offshore/nearshore providers at a 15% savings over domestic rates. We simply deliver world-class performance at unbeatable domestic prices.

If you’re concerned about positive ROI, use our Pilot Program to test your campaign and validate your KPIs before you invest. You have nothing to lose but an opportunity to gain market share and competitive advantage.

Client Testimonials

CITADEL exceeded my appointment goals and provided me with quality leads that resulted in more sales.

John, Independent Insurance Broker

I consider CITADEL an extension of my sales team. They understand my business and even better, my prospects.

Jay, B2B Business Consultant

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