People are at the core of everything we do at CITADEL. From the front lines to the back office, our team is passionate about delivering results and best-in-class customer service. And all of our agents are based in the U.S, which negates any language, culture or timing issues to deal with. This means one significant thing for you: higher customer satisfaction scores.


Our agents undergo a rigorous training program that entitles them to be called CITADEL Certified™. It’s your guarantee of thorough, comprehensive training in contact center best practices and your specific campaign. Our proprietary program focuses on four main skill sets: interpersonal, functional, technical and emotional. Your customers can expect agents who know how to solve issues and exceed their expectations.


CITADEL’s team thrives in a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, where everyone’s contribution counts. Our employees are flexible and innovative, ready to meet the changes that today’s business environment demands.

Communication is critical to a company’s infrastructure and we provide a number of resources to keep employees in the know. From our blog to newsletters to our company portal, employees are empowered to find information when they need it.

While we pride ourselves on our work ethic, we also like to take some time out for play. Our competitive spirit comes alive during Halloween costume contests or our annual bowling party. And our aviation-themed office encourages ideas to take flight, in a bright and colorful environment that is fun and inviting.

Social Responsibility

Our employees are involved in a number of charitable causes throughout the year like helping fill Gleaners Food Bank and adopting Michigan National Guard families at Christmas. Giving comes naturally to a group of people who believe in giving others a second chance or helping hand.

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