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Since 1997, CITADEL has provided contact center services for the telecom industry, selling service to over 750,000 residential and business customers. In 2011, CITADEL evolved into a full-service contact center for a variety of industries and added lead generation, third party verification and other services to its product portfolio. And with locations in Oregon, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan, we provide coast-to-coast coverage for our clients.

Today’s business landscape has shifted significantly, causing new trends that impact the contact center industry. Customers and technology are driving the necessity for omnichannel services, including digital, mobile and social. Business managers are expected to deliver more with less budget dollars and be accountable for their program’s results. Outsourcing has also become an accepted, if not expected, way to handle many in-house services.

CITADEL not only understands these trends; we have built our business model to help our clients successfully adapt to them. They depend on us to provide the best service to their customers and a positive impact to their bottom line.


To use our domestic contact centers to deliver client-focused programs through dedicated people and a results driven culture.


To be the premier contact center utilizing domestic and alternative workforces.



  • Leadership that is fair and accessible
  • Teams that are loyal and passionate about our work and clients
  • A company that has respect for all individuals, regardless of their circumstances


  • Quality throughout every client touchpoint
  • Dependable systems and teams
  • Flexibility for change and the unexpected
  • Ideas for innovation and growth


  • Meeting expected results for our stakeholders and clients
  • Relevant metrics for company and client success
  • Challenging assumptions to create a unique approach

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