How to Satisfy Your Customers and Your Bottom Line

There are many reasons that companies outsource their call center operations overseas in countries such as India and the Philippines. But the most prominent advantage seems to be the fact that it often saves money. Now that the costs of operating a center in the U.S. are declining, enough to closely match the outlays in those countries, outsourcing to domestic centers can achieve real savings along with plenty of benefits.

Over the past decade, “outsourcing jobs overseas” has taken on a negative connotation in the business world and workplace. More and more U.S. customers have complained about the language and cultural barriers they experience when interacting with foreign call agents. Studies have shown that agent churn and cultural misalignment within offshore call centers have led to significant decreases in customer satisfaction.

As an alternative, companies seeking to establish a U.S.-based call center can achieve most, if not all of the following cost-saving benefits over offshore centers without any of the negative consequences.

Technology Costs – Saving on technology costs by outsourcing means not having to worry about maintaining a costly IT and telecom infrastructure. Relying on a U.S.-based call center with a secure cloud-based systems can help your business stay competitive.

Employee Healthcare Costs The additional financial burdens of ObamaCare will increase the hard costs for health insurance, as well as employment and unemployment taxes. Outsourcing operations to domestic centers offer unique cost-savings advantages that provide lower fixed expenses, higher quality agents, and more efficient operations.

Facilities Costs – Maintaining a call center is expensive. Leasing office space, and utilities such as electric, Internet, phone, heating, and air conditioning can add up to be a substantial monthly recurring cost. By outsourcing your call center, you not only save money on the cost of facilities, the right call center partner can provide resources with a custom solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Volume Fluctuations – Do you have enough office space to expand call center services as needed?  Expanding the space of your call center through domestic outsourcing will accommodate the additional customer or user calls your business will receive.

Training Costs – Training call agents is costly as well. To avoid losing money, businesses must contract with third-party centers that use skilled agents adept in phone etiquette, script interpretation, customer handling technology/systems, and reporting and program administration.

As the pressure to dramatically reduce costs intensifies, businesses will need to look at domestic outsourcing of some or all call center functions as a way to improve their bottom line. CITADEL’s U.S.-based call centers can satisfy both your customers and your bottom line. We can offer your business sustainable savings—an average of 20% less than hosted call centers.

Let CITADEL create a domestic contact center program without all the hassles of an offshore program. We offer competitively priced services – all based within the U.S.

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